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Who is Jeff Bezos?

Have you ever wondered who is Jeff Bezos? One question that I get asked quite often is “Who is Jeff Bezos?” That is a very good question because he has taken over an excellent company and has made it one of the biggest and best businesses on the planet. He and his wife have done well making their money at Amazon by operating a high volume warehouse.

The big difference with Amazon was that they made it simple for everyone to do business with them. It wasn’t as if they could pull some hidden rulebook or levy some kind of tax to collect fees. They just did business. The employees were all smart, hard-working, motivated people. Even the logistics of the whole system was such that all the stuff that was being brought in was packed out quickly and put on truckers, which meant that no one even knew about the fulfillment center until somebody got hurt.

Well, that really opened up the doors for Jeff Bezos to take over. And it looks like he is going to do so as CEO of Amazon. Although Bezos has spent quite a bit of time in government with a number of influential positions, including a stint as US Secretary of Commerce, he really wants to build a business that will be open to the public for all of its customers. This kind of open access has been the secret of success for small businesses all around the world.

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