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Sachin Tendulkar, ICC Cricket World Cup

Since he was a child, Sachin Tendulkar has been one of the most popular sports persons in the world. He is known for his batting and bowling. He was the first player to ever score a triple hundred in Test cricket. His batsmanship and his bowling power have earned him the nickname of the ‘tiger’ in the cricket world. The ICC cricket world cup is being held in England this year and Sachin Tendulkar is among the captains that has earned the respect of the fans. He is one of the key players of the team that has the best batting in the world.

The new-age cricket fan must not miss the chance to watch him play against other experienced players of the ICC. It is said that the young talents of the game are dominating the cricket world cup in England. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the players who have done a lot of things for the development of the game. He had played a few different positions in cricket and is now on the top. He is just one of the many famous cricketers who can provide some excitement to the cricket fan.

With the help of the Coach of the Indian team, Shastri Kumar Dara Singh, Sachin Tendulkar is able to play all different positions in the field. He is also one of the star players who has the ability to score a hundred. Many supporters of the game enjoy watching him on the field. They are more fascinated by the speed and the technique of his batting. He is also one of the best bowlers in the world. He is able to make his fast bowlers to work hard for the bowl that they need. There are many supporters who love watching him play cricket.

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