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Mike Tyson’s Career

Mike Tyson is a legendary boxer who has had a successful career in both the professional and amateur boxing leagues. He is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. He has a reputation for being a ruthless competitor, even in boxing. He showed this ruthlessness when he was convicted of raping a woman in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since that time, Tyson has not only lost most of his weight but he has also been banned from boxing.

Mike Tyson

Since his ban from boxing, Mike Tyson has found a home in the boxing business. In addition to competing in professional boxing, Tyson is now also considered to be a “boxing analyst” for Showtime. His new role with the company has not made him rich, however, it has been very lucrative. The earnings are dependent on his willingness to endorse the product of the network and his passion for boxing. Mike Tyson’s popularity is such that almost all sports-related shows are leaning toward hiring him for interviews. This allows him to promote his new book entitled: “The Unbelievable Truth About Boxing” as well as promote the other boxing-related products the network offers.

Mike Tyson is also signed to the World Boxing Council (WBC). This organization puts together an annual tournament that Tyson is usually involved in. In this tournament, Tyson has won three titles.

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