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Food Safety in Corona: Use separate utensils for Non-Veg and Veg Meals.

Food is our first need, it is like fuel for our body. Now in the era of this epidemic, we also need to be very careful in this work. Currently, there have been no reported cases of coronavirus infection due to food. Despite this, according to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the virus can spread from the surface of food and packing. However, we can avoid this problem with the habit of cleanliness as well.

If you go shopping outside, keep these five things in mind-

  1. Get out of the house to buy groceries only when necessary. During this time, wear clean mask-gloves and keep a sanitizer with 70% alcohol.
  2. Carry your own shopping bag and keep the shopping list ready in advance. Try to visit less crowded stores.
  3. Try to buy everything from the same store. Purchase according to your need only. Excessive purchases will lead to shortage of goods and non-urgent demand will increase.
  4. Go shopping in less crowded time. Do not go out if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms.
  5. Bring a mobile, credit / debit card with you, so that you can make cashless payments. During the epidemic, prioritize digital payments over cash.

Take care of five precautions even inside the shop-

  1. Follow social distancing when entering a bill counter, shop turn, or when picking up items.
  2. Touch only the products you are about to buy. Avoid touching surfaces that touch continuously like handles, counters. If touched, carefully sanitize the hands.
  3. Do not touch your face, eyes and nose. If necessary, use clean tissue paper and dispose immediately after use.
  4. Sanitize the handle of the basket or cart inside the store. If this is not possible, then sanitize your hands after use.
  5. Keep the purchased items away from your body while bringing them from the market. Keep the item in your shopping bag or basket.

After reaching home, keep the shoes out and sanitize the mobile phone

  • Even after returning from the market, it is very important to take precautions at home. First of all, remove your shoes before going inside the house and clean the hands immediately. Sanitize keys and mobile phones.
  • Clean the food packets purchased from the market with an alcohol solution or soap and clean water. If the packet has touched a surface, clean that surface with the help of a sanitizing wipe or solution.

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