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Apple Launches New Version Operating System macOS Big Sur

Apple WWDC 2020: Apple’s developer conference has started. During this time the company has launched a new Mac OS. The new OS will be called macOS Big Sur.

Apple Launches New Version Operating System macOS Big Sur With macOS Big Sur, the company has changed many things, improved, and given new features. In a way, the company has tried to make it like Apple iOS, because many features have been added.

System macOS Big Sur

Control Center is provided in iOS, now in MacOS Big Sur you will be given Control Center. From here, you will be able to disable the features like brightness, do not disturb. Along with this, a new notification center has also been given. One type of notifications will be done in the group by itself.

Under the macOS Big Sur Catalyst, iOS apps will be better on the desktop and some updates have also been given in it. macOS Big Sur is actually macOS 11 version. It has redesigned icons, new sound, and better animations than before.

In macOS Big Sur, apps like Photos, Eye Work and Mail have been redesigned. A new search feature has been provided in the message, as well as a new version of maps in macOS Big Sur.

In macOS Big Sur, you will also find dock buttons in the new design. Major changes have also been made in Safari. As always, this time too it has been claimed that it will be faster than before. But the company has also made many big claims.

Apple Launches New Version Operating System macOS Big Sur-Apple has said that Safari will be 50% faster than Google Chrome. Apart from this, there are also some small features – like hovering over the tab, its small preview will be shown. Along with this, a built-in translation feature is also provided. By detecting the language of the web page, it can translate itself.

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